Down in the human heart, crushed by the tempter,
Feelings lie buried that grace can restore;
Touched by a loving heart, Welcomed by kindness
Chords that are broken will vibrate once more.
— Fanny Crosby

The Baptist Family Resource and Counseling Ministry of the Montgomery Baptist Association is located at 20 Interstate Park in Montgomery (334) 271-6241. Counseling Services are provided by competent, qualified professionals who are Alabama Licensed Professional Counselors. Confidentiality is assured. A sliding scale fee is charged based on family income. The fee is an investment by the client in the therapeutic change process.

Purpose and History
The MBA joined Baptist Medical Center and the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministry, to provide a Christ-centered, church-based ministry program to foster spiritual and emotional health among individuals and families. The program focuses on wellness and is designed to equip participants to develop strategies for healthier life styles through education, training, counseling, and the utilization of appropriate community resources.

    To provide a resource to meet needs of individuals and families.
    To assist individuals in achieving fulfillment in relationships with themselves, family, friends, and God.
    To promote emotional growth of individuals.
    To focus on emotional health and spiritual development of children and youth.
    To provide a resource for church staff and leaders for mental health, education, and referral.


    Opportunities to strengthen family relationships
    Enhance feelings of self-worth
    Tackle life’s demands with greater confidence
    Develop healthier behavior patterns
    Respond to stressful situations with improved coping skills
    Make decisions with confidence
    Face intergenerational issues with understanding

All these concerns and others are addressed within a Christian framework.


    Complete confidentiality
    Respect for Christian values
    Understanding of Christian commitment
    Assistance in identifying and exploring alternatives
    Non-judgmental acceptance
    Atmosphere that facilitates personal and emotional growth
    Respect for decisions made
    Prayer support

Pastors may refer individuals or families to the Counseling Center or the person may phone directly for appointments. Appointments may be made during the day and on some evenings.


    Individual Counseling
    Seminars on a wide range of topics in the family ministry area
    Family therapy
    Support groups
    Leader training for church seminars and groups
    Practicing workshops
    Marriage enrichment experiences
    Teenage and Parent Communication Groups
    Consultation with pastors
    Engaged couples counseling
    Referral for special services
    Special Focus
    Needs of children
    Parenting issues
    Marital communication
    Divorce and grief recovery
    Blended families

Statement of Commitment for the Professional Christian Counselor
The professional counselor is guided by the Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association. Professional Christian counselors add a dimension of personal, spiritual depth to their ministry. The counselors observe a Code of Ethics which formulates the standards for their relationship with clients. Primary among these standards is a commitment to:

1. Maintain strict confidentiality unless life is endangered or unless legally-mandated otherwise.
2. Provide an open, non-judgmental atmosphere in which a client can feel accepted.
3. Facilitate the client’s explanation of alternative courses of action and their potential consequences without advocating any one course.
4. Respect the client’s Christian beliefs.
5. Recognize that the ultimate decision-making responsibility rests with the client and not the counselor.
6. Remain true to the counselor’s own Christian beliefs.
7. Enter and maintain all counseling relationships as professional relationships.