Prayer GuideThree thousand plus Mixtecos live in the Central Alabama area and over one third in the city of Montgomery. Pray for the next steps of starting house churches in the heart language of this people group.

Mixtec kids began participating in our MBA ministries in 2007. We quickly found that we could not communicate with them. They knew very little English and no Spanish. After research, we found they were part of a Mixtec tribe, an indigenous people group from Southern Guerrero and Oaxacca, Mexico. Relationships were formed in the years since. We are now in our tenth year of ministry working with them.

A task force formed to identify and meet the pressing needs of these immigrants and to strategize on how to share Christ with them. Over the years, it has evolved into an interdenominational task force of Christian churches believing every Mixtec man, woman and child has the right to hear the gospel and respond in a way they understand.

Along with direct ministry to this people group, an informational meeting is held each month in the Forest Park neighborhood allowing Mixtecos a place to get correct information about immigration, insurance issues, and assistance filling out paper work required through the public schools for their children.

We are forming a group of immigration lawyers, others who know Alabama law, and are partnering with agencies in Montgomery to help them get the services they need in order to be productive citizens. We make every effort to ensure the information is true and solid.

Ten facts about the MIXTEC people group in Montgomery, Alabama:

According to the SBC International Mission Board, this people group is the largest, unreached, unengaged people group in all of the Americas.
1. Mixtec is pronounced Mees-tehk.
2. Their culture has over 50 languages (not Spanish).
3. In Montgomery, the predominant dialect is Metlatónoc.
4. They are mostly from small communities in southern Mexico.
5. There is a mix of very traditional and modern Mixtecos in Montgomery.
6. Unlike the adults, most of the children and young adults in Montgomery speak
fluent English, Mixteco and some Spanish.
7. Many are hard working and law abiding people.
8. They are family oriented and a patriarchal society. The father is the provider
for the whole family.
9. Spiritually, they have a very loose connection to the Catholic Church and some
connection with Protestants.
10. They are a resourceful people.

The first National Mixtec Summit was held in Montgomery, AL and co-hosted by Montgomery Baptist Association and the SBC International Mission Board in January 2015. Over 70 people from across the United States attended and formed a Mixtec Coalition of churches. In January 2016, we met again in Montgomery and added a Spanish tract. Over 100 attendees participated.

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Rev. Alan Cross
Director Mixtec Outreach Ministry