Samaritan Inn Ministry provides short-term lodging for families living outside the tri-county area. These families may be traveling through our area and have a medical emergency or have a relative in one of the area’s health facilities.

Volunteers are essential to the success of the ministry endeavors of Samaritan Inn Ministry. In times of crises, it is the director and/or volunteers who give hope and healing through compassion, caring and concern. The actual provision of a Christian volunteer to each family is the most important part of this ministry.

 D Jones
Director Debbie Jones
Samaritan Inn Ministry is a vital hands-on ministry “housed in the hearts of Montgomery Baptists.” Many lives have been touched by Christian volunteers giving of their time, resources and encouragement to meet practical and spiritual needs of family members in a crisis situation.
1. Prayer
*Pray for the patients and families to whom Samaritan Inn ministers.
*Pray for the volunteers involved in the ministry.
*Pray for continued financial support.
*Pray for life-changing experiences to take place with these families.2. Become a Volunteer
*Volunteer individually, as a class or as a group.
*Opportunities include: visiting with the family, taking care packages to the family,
providing food, sending flowers, becoming a friend of the family and keeping in
touch after they return home.

3. Financial Support
*Samaritan Inn is funded by donations from individuals, classes or groups. You can
make a one-time donation or make regular contributions and/or suggest to your class
or group to contribute to the Samaritan Inn Ministry.