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We embarked on a new endeavor with our ministry centers in 2009. Our first Annual Toy Sale offered parents a chance of buying Christmas gifts for their children at reduced costs. In doing so, the parents’ dignity was restored. They were able to select the gifts their children would receive and were able to afford the gifts they selected. Parents weren’t just given a hand out, but a hand up.

Shoppers were selected from parents that came through the ministry centers during the year. Only those identified with a need for support and services were selected and sent an invitation to participate. The first year, 300 parents were selected and invited to the Toy Sale. When they arrive, parents are greeted at the door and begin the registration process. They are assigned a shopping buddy to assist them in navigating the age designated areas, selecting age appropriate gifts, and assisting the parents as needed. The parents are then able to pay for the gifts that range in cost from ten cents to five dollars. The shopping buddy then shifts the gifts over to the wrapping station and guides the parent to the cafe where baked goods, a warm drink and fellowship can be enjoyed while waiting on the gifts to be DSC_1219readied for delivery. Volunteers in the cafe sit and talk with the parents, assist in prayer, and present the gospel when needed. The whirlwind tour comes to a close as young volunteers help deliver the gifts to the parents’ waiting vehicles.

From the gifts not sold during the sale, the ministry center directors will divide up and take back to the centers. These toys are sold to parents that were invited, but not able to attend the Toy Sale. All of the gifts are distributed each year. All the gifts, wrapping supplies, and cafe food and drinks are donated by local individuals, churches and ministries. Everyone volunteers. All the money raised during the Toy Sale is distributed among the Ministry Centers benevolence funds for food and emergency assistance to individuals and families in need.

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