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Monetary donations will be accepted in addition to toys and gifts.  Make checks payable to: MBA CCM Toy Sale, 20 Interstate Park Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109.

We use storage for two months in preparation for the Toy Sale.  We also need 300 postage stamps to mail the personalized invitations.

Gift Cards

Donate gift cards in increments of $10 for ages 13-18.

Christmas Treats and Snacks

Baked Goods, tea, hot chocolate, water and coffee are needed for shoppers in the cafe.  Baked goods, light snacks and water are needed for the volunteer break room and for the waiting room for guests of shoppers.  We serve between 200-300 parents during the Toy Sale day.  We need LOTS of Christmas goodies for them as they visit with volunteers.  Goody bags are welcome too.  We love to send our parents home with some small gifts as well.


We need NEW, Contemporary English Version or Good News Version of the Bible.  We prefer the whole Bible, but if you can only get the New Testament in these versions, that would be good too.  No KING JAMES or used Bibles please.

DSC_2316Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping paper, shirt boxes & gift bags, ribbons, bows, sharp scissors, sticky notes, pens, 3×5 cards, scotch tape, 55-gallon black garbage bags

Did I mention wrapping paper, bows and tape?  Batteries in bulk (AAA, AA, 9-volt, C and D) are also needed to put into the toys.


Toys are needed for age ranges five up to twelve.

Preschoolers (2-5) Ages 9-12 Miscellaneous Items
Educational toys Remote Control Vehicles Batteries of all sizes
Dolls/Barbie Sports Equipment/Balls/Bikes Wrapping Paper/Gift bags
Lincoln Logs Frisbees/K-Nex/Legos Ribbon/Tape/Tags
Legos/Balls Sports Jerseys/T-shirts
Plastic tool sets (AL, AU, TSU, ASU, Biscuits) Goodies for Parents
Art Supplies Jewelry Ornaments
Musical instruments I-pods Baked Goods/Parent Gift Bags
Bikes/Tricycles Chapter Books Small Teas/Coffees/Gifts
Doll Houses/Kitchen Centers Colored Pencils / Art Sets
Woodsies / Calico Critters Scientific Calculators
  Colored Binders/Backpacks
Ages 6-8
Barbie Dolls (all cultures) Personal Items
Action Figures Winter Caps/Gloves
Educational Games Scarves/Socks
K-Nex/Legos Shampoo/Conditioner
Crayons/Coloring books Soap/Bubble Bath/Body Wash
Bikes Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
Sports Equipment for young kids Markers
Paint Sets


To offer donations, please contact Lisa Rose at lrose@mgmbaptists.org or by phone at 334 271-6794.