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Information from CDC for Faith-based Organizations

Where can someone be tested for COVID-19 Corona Virus

Navigating the COVID19 Crisis

Disinfection DYI

There are options that we have available for our churches to purchase equipment and disinfectant to help sanitize and disinfect your facilities from COVID19 and other viruses.  We do not endorse any product, but want to help make you aware of options that are available.

Ryobi Mister – Link provides the best price found online/in-store

Liquid Disinfectant for the Mister – All natural product, local supplier, comes in liquid and tablet options $25/gallon or tablet


Victory Innovations Backpack & Handheld Solutions by Strickland Companies (Larger Facilities)
Heath Thomas, Sales Representative – Phone- 334.613.9040 | Fax- 334.613.9045 | Cell- 334.201.3257

Preparations for Members Returning to Church Activities
Guidelines for Reopening Churches
24 Questions Your Church Should Ask Before People Return

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