Here is how you can donate to your Association

Giving through your church: The tithe you commit to the Lord through your church benefits the work of your church and other ministries such as local, state and international missions. When your church provides a tithe of the tithe, the Association receives a portion of your contribution to the benefit of associational missions which in turn benefits the ministries of the member churches and our communities.  If your church contributes on a percentage basis, increasing your contribution, increases the impact we can make.  We also receive contributions from Sunday School classes and other church ministry groups.  These funds can be designated through the church (if church approved) or sent directly to the Association.

Direct Giving:  You can also make a contribution as an individual direct to the Association to the benefit of all our ministries.  General/Undesignated funds are administered by the association based on the purpose of the Association as monitored by the Executive Board.  Designated giving are funds received for the purpose of a specific ministry or need within a ministry.  Your gift can be by check, via mail or electronic payment, or by merchant card transaction.  We receive all merchant cards, online and in person.

Our ministries include: Baptist Family Resource and Counseling Ministry, Conversational English, Forest Park Regional Baptist Center, Mixteco Ministry, and Samaritan Inn Ministry.  You can click on the names to learn more about the work and needs of each.