Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a fun-filled program offered during the summer months. VBS enables churches to connect with children and families in their communities. As an outreach tool and an evangelistic tool, VBS helps churches fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

ChurcVBS16_Master-4d-logohes generally run Vacation Bible School for a week, some for a few days or even a day, each program has its own theme (medieval castles, water parks, the Old West, etc.) that children can explore. The VBS program usually includes games, snacks, music, crafts, skits, and, of course, Bible lessons. There is always a connection between God and the theme, allowing kids to discover God in a creative way. Many Christian publishing companies offer curricula to guide churches in setting up and running a VBS program, but some churches choose to write their own curricula.  Most of our churches use the theme provided by Lifeway.

If your church is in need of setting up Vacation Bible School for the first time, need ideas and / or materials, please contact Jessica Palmer for more information.

Our churches’ summer schedule for 2016:

Church Dates Time Ages Curriculum
Eastern Oaks June 5—8 6:30pm K4—6th Grade Submerged
Thorington Road June 5—9 6pm—8:30pm 5 years—5th Grade Submerged
Catoma June 5—10 Hometown Nazareth
Vaughn Forest June 6—10 9am—12:15pm K5—6th Grade Submerged
Morningview June 6—10 9am-12pm K5—5th Grade Cave Quest
Ridgecrest June 6—10 5:30pm—8:30pm 4 years—6th Grade Submerged
Southlawn June 6—10
Westside June 6—10
Capitol Heights June 6-10 9am-12pm 4 years—6th Grade Submerged
Dalraida June 6-10 9am-12pm K5—6th Grade Submerged
Eastern Hills June 6-10 8:30am—12pm 4 years—6th Grade Submerged
Friendship Grady June 6-10
Snowdoun June 12—16 6:15pm Nursery—Adults
Heritage June 13—17 8:30am—12:05pm PreK—6th Grade Submerged
Eastmont June 13—17 9am—12pm 4 years—6th Grade
Bible Missionary June 13—15
Lakeview June 20—24 5:45pm—8pm 4 years—6th Grade Deep Sea Discovery
First Baptist June 20—24 9am-12pm 4 years—6th Grade Submerged
Gateway June 20—24 9am—12pm 1st—5th Grade Submerged
Eastdale June 22—26 8:20am—12pm
Yarbrough St June 25 10am—3pm K5—6th Grade Submerged
Pintlala June 25 9am-12pm PreK—6th Grade Christian Olympics
Mount Zion June 26—30
The Church at Pike Road July 27 – 29 5:30pm – 8:00pm K5—6th Grade *Please Contact church for locations.
Strong Tower August 3 – 5 5:00pm – 7:00pm K5—6th Grade *1516 Mobile Rd