MHM MapMultiHousing Ministry of Montgomery Baptist Association

In the Spring/Summer of 2016, Montgomery Baptist Association (MBA) has been working to kick off an association-wide MultiHousing Ministry. The idea behind MultiHousing Ministry (MHM) is that local churches would identify apartment complexes and trailer parks where individuals and families dwell together in close proximity and they would engage those areas in prayer, service, acts of love and kindness, and Christian ministry. The goal of this ministry is for people to experience God’s love through contact with a local church and for missional communities to emerge there. This ministry is connected with similar efforts in cities all over Alabama (see map) and is sponsored by the MBA, Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (ALSBOM), and  North American Mission Board (NAMB). Rev. Alan Cross is working as the Missional Strategist for the MBA on this project.

John Wible, a strategist/researcher for CDI, recently put together some ideas for MultiHousing Ministry in Montgomery pulling from several resources. If you would like more information on MultiHousing ministry please contact me at Our goal is to see a network of churches engaged in MultiHousing Ministry across the River Region so that missional communities will be planted and more and more churches will be invited to connect with nearby communities so the gospel will go forward and people will experience God’s love.

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Multi-housing locations and churches working with them

ChurchMulti-housing Locations
Strong Tower at Washington ParkGibbs Village, East and West
Tulane Gardens
Patterson Court
Church at Pike RoadPike Road Village
Community of Hope (and partnering churches)Serenity at the Park
Serenity Tower Homes
Hayneville Road Community Center
Forest Park Ministry CenterPine Oaks - Mobile Highway