Robert Bates Memorial Pinewood Derby GuidelinesRaceCar
Pinewood Derby racing was originally offered to boys in Royal Ambassadors as a fun / fellowship activity.
At the Association level, we have opened up the program to young me in the RA’s (following the guidelines set forth by the State), non-RA young men, girl’s, and leaders.  Only the RA’s can move forward to the RA Congress.
The purpose of the derby is to bring a child and his or her parents or another adult together in a creative, shared and meaningful activity while building, decorating and racing a pinewood car.
Occasions for such shared activities are all too rare. In years to come, children will have fond memories of working with his/her parents or leader, teaching the use of woodworking tools
If this process includes casual conversations, laughter and warm feelings, perhaps winning (or losing) the race is not very important in the long run.The race should teach boys something about the nature of competition in a Christian manner. This means being gracious in winning (this needs to be taught), and at the same time having pride in doing ones best.
The church race can be held anytime during the year, but most churches will choose the weeks leading up to the associational race which is usually held within the last two weeks of February.