How to Join the MBA

The process for churches to follow when joining the MBA as a fully participating member of the association is described in the MBA bylaws in Article II, Section 2.   Note that a new church or church plant sponsored by an MBA member church in good standing may move more quickly in this process when certain criteria outlined in the bylaws are satisfied. The following graph outlines the process. (In any case, the bylaws take precedence over this representation.)


For additional information on developing Administrative Guidelines for the Church, please visit the two following links.
Presentations were made by ALSBOM state missionaries Jim Swedenburg and Lee Wright, followed by related discussions.

Church Administrative Guidelines, Part 1
Topics in this session included the church’s need for policies and other documents, writing the needed documents for incorporation and bylaws, and how to run effective church meetings while avoiding mistakes.

Church Administrative Guidelines, Part 2
Topics in this session included writing/revising policies with a focus on an emergency like the Coronavirus, the “motion to ratify” (especially important for emergency actions taken during the pandemic), electronic meetings, and the Supreme Court’s recent redefinition of the term “sex” as related to Title VII.

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