To help member churches experience the fellowship of the Body of Christ and fulfill the Mission of Christ locally and globally.


Spiritually awakened churches with a Kingdom vision being used by God to redeem and transform the people of this community and beyond.


1. The authority of the Bible which affirms Jesus’ focus on the Kingdom of God.
2. The priesthood of all believers which affirms every believer’s right and responsibility through the Holy Spirit to understand and fulfill their role as Kingdom citizens.
3. The autonomy of the local church which affirms each church’s responsibility to discover and follow God’s Kingdom vision.
4. The cooperative spirit among churches, associations, and conventions who share common beliefs and practices, which provides resources, encouragement, and support to fulfill their Kingdom mission.
5. The conversion of individuals as the means of entering God’s Kingdom and the need for personal growth through worship, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and service to others.
6. The power of “Hands On” ministry to the needs of others to fulfill God’s Kingdom mission and develop spiritual maturity in Kingdom disciples.
7. The use of innovation and creativity by the association and its churches in their processes, programs, and structures to encourage more effective Kingdom witness and ministry.
8. The role of the association, its organization and staff, as one of assisting churches to fulfill their Kingdom mission.


To fulfill the vision of “a spiritually awakened church with a Kingdom vision being used by God to redeem and transform the people of this community and beyond” we are looking for breakthroughs in five key areas:

1. Prayer, Renewal, and Discipleship in preparation for a God-sent spiritual awakening. We will know that God is at work in this area when we see:

  • Current efforts of MBA churches enabling their members to grow in prayer, renewal, and discipleship being discovered, catalogued, and made known
  • Churches encouraging, learning from and supporting one another in prayer, renewal, and discipleship activities and processes
  • Existing MBA program organizations offering one or more prayer projects
  • Churches participating in an annual season of prayer for their communities

2. Racial justice and reconciliation that fosters fellowship, cooperation, and evangelism throughout this community. In addition to continuing effective ministries, we will know that God is at work in this area when we see:

  • Understanding and cooperation occurring through learning clusters, partnerships, worship experiences, and ministries
  • Stronger program support for MBA’s predominately African-American churches and the establishment of new racially inclusive churches
  • More resources provided to churches seeking to reach their new neighbors in racially-changing communities
  • Interracial evangelistic projects, i.e. Inner City Evangelism

3. Leadership development for staff and lay leaders of the churches. We will know that God is at work in this area when we see:

  • Effective Leadership Learning Clusters for pastors and church staff members that facilitate leadership development, strategic partnerships, and genuine fellowship
  • Working partnerships being formed among churches and with the Alabama Baptist Leadership Development Center and para-church organizations to facilitate personal leadership development
  • Lay mobilization and gift-based strategies within a growing number of churches
  • Churches participating in leadership loan ministries
  • Current initiatives becoming more effective

4. Kingdom building ministries beyond the local church, association, and denomination that transform lives. We will know that God is at work in this area when we see:

  • Current ministries becoming even more fruitful
  • Professional skill groups organizing and staffing free ministry clinics, i.e. a Free Legal Clinic
  • Sports ministries that teach and train children utilizing well-known athletes, as well as providing ongoing after-school care and ministry
  • More extensive local school involvement that builds relationships with faculty and students through prayer, tutoring, kidfest, and other creative ministries leading to stronger local schools
  • Cottage industries fostering activities like the making of various arts and crafts, the operation of a flea market to sell items made, and other ideas that could be used to coordinate and expand the Jobs Corps
  • Prison inmate reentry ministries coordinated with other denominations

5. Technology used to inform, train, marshal, and unite Montgomery Baptists for witness and ministry. We will know that God is at work in this area when we see:

  • Technology being used by the Association to share information, resources, and needs with and among the churches, i.e. an association website, e-mail, etc.
  • The use of technology being evaluated and updated regularly by the Association
  • Computer training that includes various levels on popular programs, Bible software, membership systems, etc.
  • Utilization of distance learning methods.
  • These key strategies are built on widely recognized MBA strengths including:
  • A good track record of numerous effective community ministries
  • A demonstrated sensitivity to local church needs and customized
  • ministries to meet those needs
  • A record of innovation in methodology, programs, ministries, and organizational structure in the face of changing conditions
  • A high level of trust in the Association’s leadership by local church leaders
  • A large reservoir of gifted and committed staff and lay leaders in the churches.
  • To implement these strategic objectives, the Director of Missions, in consultation with the Administration Council, will make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Board.