MBA Bookkeeping Services (MBABS) is a ministry of the Montgomery Baptist Association and exists to serve the bookkeeping needs of churches and Alabama Baptist church plants, and parachurch ministries seeking to outsource their bookkeeping needs. The bookkeeping service is done with reliable customer service.  The MBA employs the best in accounting care, providing for a modest monthly fee. There will be a quarterly review between MBABS and church/ministry leadership to ensure quality standards are being met.

There is an initial setup fee of $100 for all churches and ministries. This includes, but is not limited to, an initial consultation, the gathering of materials, church/bank permissions, the placement of all data on the MBABS software, initial beta tests to determine all processes are operational, and working with the church/ministry leadership for initial orientation.

After the initial setup, the fee, via an automated bank draft, will be one of the following:

Pricing is determined by the volume of support needed. For most churches, church plants, and small organizations, the rate will range between $250 per month to $800. For large congregations and organizations, and non-MBA parachurch ministries, a custom plan can be arranged. Churches not in fellowship with Montgomery Baptist Association will be charged an additional $100 per month.

In addition, the MBABS offers free consultation services for items such as incorporation requirements, 501c3 development, grant writing, and other administrative needs. If desired, the MBA recommends other qualified organizations that charge modest fees to assist the church or ministry with some of the above services.

Robin Crowe
/ (334) 271-6227

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